White Elephant 2010 – notext

I had been waiting on sending my white elephant for a couple of reasons. One of them was I was hoping to regift some of the stuff I received in my white elephant. The other was that I am thinking I will get to deliver mine in person, very very soon.

It showed up in my office this week, completely unexpected. I have a lot of packages delivered to work, and it didn’t have a label or letter to indicated its white elephantness. I proceeded to open it, and examine the contents. I was confused, and then it dawned on me, this was my white elephant. This was confirmed later that day by a message from my sender, notext.

Mr. Notext had the gall, the absolute gall, to send me useful things! Check the gallery below for pictures!

External Sata Hard Drive Enclosure – Awesome, I didn’t have one!
Gerber Multi Tool! – I had been thinking of getting a knife, now I don’t have to.
ATI Radeon 4870 – Same as the one in my current gaming rig…maybe I shall SLI them.
RAM – Can never have too much ram!
Infidel’s Guide the Koran – Audio Book! Self Contained!
Hat and Camelback bottle for the III Armored Corps – I like tanks, you like tanks, we all like tanks!
HDTV Tuner thingy – For integration into the windows media player pc!!!

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