It is hard to get into the habit of writing here regularly. I did a lot last couple days. We ate all the food in the house. I woke up today starving. Started to think about when I last had eaten, and couldn’t remember. Oh yeah, food, I though, that thing I need to do to not die. Anyway, went and got a pizza and a 2 liter of vanilla coke. Vanilla Coke tastes like a Rum and Coke. Spent the evening studying for my final at noon today. Taught my roommates how to shoot pennies using a finger snap. Learned about Korean night clubs. Decided I would like to one day go to Japan and Korea, whenever I have the money and/or free time. Learned some more card magic tricks. I will miss my roommates from this summer. They turned out to be pretty ok guys. Oh, and by the way, I will be 21 in a week. Wierd to think about it.

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