Serendipity and Chai

What I did today, and why Missed turns and exits can be your friend.

I went to AMS, for a few hours. Did some work. Then I ran around town, trying to do errands.

I suppose everything happens for a reason.

I am leaving AMS, when at the stop sign a head of me, is a CHP officer. He turns right, and I, three cars back, also turn right. He moves onto the onramp for the 5 from Rosecrans, and closes it.
I can’t get on it, so I am stuck taking the 8 east, into mission valley.

I travel 8 east, slightly pissed, and think to myself, “well, since I am headed into mission valley, I’ll stop by the IKEA.”
I had a few things I’d wanted to pick up. So I do. I’m in the Ikea, and the first thing on my list is a Mortar and Pestal. They have one that looks really nice. I ask for it. They are completely out. So I go to look for a microplane grater. They don’t have one. I look for a tea kettle, they have one I like on display, but I when I go to pick one out, they only have blue. That’s it, I decide I’m leaving.

Since I’m in mission valley, I decide to stop by Mission Valley Center, to see what stores in the mall have them. A quick in, park, up the stairs and check the directory. Not a DAMN THING. Nothing but clothes, and a few sundries. So I’m back in my car. Slick as I am, I decide to leave the back way, through the underground structure. As I am leaving, what do I see in the strip mall across the street from the exit but a Pier 1 imports. AH HA!! They may have what I seek. So I zip over, park and walk in. Its completely empty. I walk up to the counter. Damn, there are three really cute girls working the counter, and they all turn to me when I ask my question, for the items listed above. So intent upon the answer was I, that I failed to notice until I was walking out that they were all checking me out. Oh well, I had my answer. Go check Williams of Sonoma in Fashion Valley Mall.

A quick zip three blocks down, and two over, and I’m at another mall. Park, and quick trip to the directory tells me where it is. So I’m there, and I walk in. Its like a candy store for a gourmet. I find a very nice Marble mortar and hardwood pestel, a nice Mircoplane grater, a tea strainer, and a pyrex measuring cup. I look at the tea kettles, and they want an arm and a leg for them. So no kettle, but I get everything else.

On my way out of the mall, I think to call my mom. I mention the kettle and she suggests Target. I decide to stop by Target of Balboa and Genesee on the way home, but first, a quick dinner at King’s Fish House(I’ll write up my review of that later). I’m heading 805 north, and I get distracted by my own thoughts, and miss the exit for Balboa.

I get off the next exit up, on Clairemont Mesa, heading west, and right on the right as I swing by is none other than “India Sweets and Spices”–this is exactly the type of store I’ve been looking for. I quickly detour, and have a look around. The store owner is extremely helpful. He even had some cook books on Indian cooking. I load up on a few spices. Soanph, Ginger, Mamri Chai. Coupled with the stuff I picked up on Tuesday. (Green Cardamon, more Soanph by accident, Cinnamon, and Black pepper. ) I hit target, get a nice kettle, head home, unpack my goodies, and make myself a nice cup of Chai.

I missed 3 turns or exits, and had 3 happy accidents. Sometimes things just work out.


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