Biological Weapons

“from bacteriologic weapons Rumsfeld as been sold to Saddam during Iran/Iraq.”

America sold NO biological weapons to Iraq, during the Iran-Iraq war or at any other time.

America had NO biological weapons at that time
to sell. America’s biological weapons’ program
was stopped in the Nixon Administration. The only program which continued was to defend against biological attack.

American research and medical laboratories DID
provide bacteriological and viral samples to
Iraqi labs in earlier years. For research purposes. SO DID THE INSTITUTE PASTUER. Didn’t you know? In earlier years, the civilized world
assumed that requests for samples of such material were for purposes of research to find controls and cures for disease and freely shared samples with each other.

This was bad policy, but it was the universal policy IN EUROPE as well as America and anyone
who challanged the habit was attacked by civilian
scientists and researchers for “fascism” and
attemtping to restrict the free exercise of science.

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