Belkin KVM suck

I have a Belkin Omniview SOHO 2 port DVI-USB KVM switch. And it sucks. It sucks donkey cock. The ports on the back are much to close together, to the point that it is actually hard to get all 3 DVI cables connected. Then, once you do get it connected, it will spray a nice bit of stack on any webpage that is black text on a white background, or similar. The static will just be on the text, making it hard to read.

I replace it with an IOGEAR MiniView DVI KVM, GCS1782, and could not be happier. It has a better form factor,and enough space on the back for all the connections. It also has way more connections, 7.1 channel audio, and an auxiliary usb connector.

“Your Desktop has improved, now level 7.”

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